Creative Mavericks:
Beacons of Authentic Learning
Table of Contents

Part I

Who is the Creatively Gifted Learner?

And the Beat Goes On
Descriptors of Highly Creative Learners
The Inner Knowing
Spinning Straw Into Gold: About Learning Challenges
Our Cultural Canaries

Seeing Through a Different Lens: Facilitating the Creatively Gifted Learner

Case Study: Christina
The Re-enchantment of Learning
The Cosmic Curriculum: A Treasure Hunt
Context Is Everything
Esteeming the Self vs. Measuring Up
On Perfectionism and Being True to the Blank Page
Holding the Tension of the Opposites: Walking the Fine Line
Mirroring: Creating the Container for Empowerment
Honoring Their Sensitivities vs. Toughening Them Up
Thou Shalt Not Rush: About Spirit Space
Off Whose Task: To Focus or Not to Focus
From the Inside Out: The Power of the Organizing Vision

Part II

Heartsongs: Stories of the Struggles and Triumphs of Creatively Gifted Learners
Peter’s Story
Carolyn’s Story
David’s Story
Emily’s Story
Bob K’s Story
Bob C’s Story
Fred’s Story
Cathy’s Story
Lesley’s Story
Sandy’s Story
Linden’s Story
Matt H’s Story

Part III

Implications of Education for Creatively Gifted Learners: Awakening Passion and Authenticity in All Learners

     Educating for Wholeness
     The Teacher as a Catalyst for Holistic Growth
Engendering Compassion: Lisa
Meeting the Standards Through Inspiration and Fun: MaryAnn
I Am a Witness to Miracles: Jane
The Power of Positive Relationships: Cathy
Bound By the Heart: Sherri
Authentic Communication: Jill
Critical Feeling Skills: Phyl
Awakening the Heart: Megs
Being Real: Adam


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