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photo of the Sue Haynes, author of Creative Mavericks

Sue Haynes

Over the past 40 years Sue has taught in a variety of classrooms, including adult ed, a high school, elementary schools, College of the Atlantic, and tutoring in her home. With masters degrees in Special Education and Literacy, she has particularly valued her experiences with at-risk learners (often with the labels of AD(H)D and/or LD) and has developed empowering approaches for working with them. She has written about her experiences in her book, Creative Mavericks: Beacons of Authentic Learning and in the following publications:
Organizing for Whole Language, eds. Ken and Yetta Goodman, Wendy Hood, Heinemann, Portsmouth, NH, l991. Authored chapter, “Organizing for Empowerment: Clarifying a Focus to Plan Programs for Troubled Learners.”
The Whole Language Evaluation Book, eds. Ken and Yetta Goodman, Wendy Hood. Heinemann, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1989. Co-authored a chapter with Phyllis Brazee, “Special Education and Whole Language: From an Evaluator’s Viewpoint.”
Education Revolution, Vol. 20, Number 4, Winter 2008-2009. Authored the article, “Wellsprings of Joy: Tapping the Passion for Authentic Learning.”
The Indigo Children Ten Years Later by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, Hay House, Carlsbad, CA, 2008. Authored chapter, “Soul-Connected Teaching: The Alchemy of Deep Honoring.”
Currents in Literacy, Vol. 2, No. 1, Spring, l999. Co-authored with Steve Johnson, “Scaffolding for Risk-taking in the Writing Class.”

Throughout her teaching career, Sue has focused on inspiring her learners to achieve their innate potential through honoring and encouraging their strengths, interests, and creative expression. Many of the students in her classrooms, and the vast majority of students she has tutored, have been learners who have struggled with and/or resisted standardized education. Through honoring their individual uniqueness, Sue has been able to witness their creative learning orientation discovering that, instead of being dysfunctional learners, they are truly Beacons of Authentic Learning.


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