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Brian Swimme

Welcome to creativemavericks.org. This site provides information about highly creative learners and tenets of authentic teaching and learning. It also contains information about my book, Creative Mavericks: Beacons of Authentic Learning, and my professional services.

In my book I describe highly creative learners as those who are compelled to be true to their internal agendas and who often resist the prescribed agendas of conventional schooling.

My professional services include the following:
Private Tutoring Sessions
I offer private tutoring in my home for those in the Tucson, AZ area. I work with children in literacy and foundational math and spelling skills. In tutoring sessions I engage my students' interests and honor their creative expression. We practice math and spelling skills on student-made games which are a blast!
Parent Consultation Sessions
I offer consultation sessions for parents, in person, by phone or video call. In these teaching sessions, I share my research and personal experiences about highly creative learners. Along with suggesting readings from pertinent sections of my book, I will also share a variety of articles and videos for discussion.
In these sessions I offer:

  • Support for recognizing and encouraging your child's natural talents.
  • Support for honoring your child's strong need for agency--for self-determination in intuitive exploration of his or her personal interests and passions.
  • Education about a developmental, holistic understanding of reading, writing, spelling and math processes.
  • Ways to support your child's natural focus through creative outlets.
  • A template for scaffolding your child's creation of themed boardgames for practicing skills within the context of joyful engagement.

Ocean Game, a learning board game

Together we will explore and celebrate your child's unique learning mission.

*I offer a free, non-obligatory initial session. If you wish to continue, I will send you a free copy of my book, which we will use for further discussions.

Sue Haynes


Sue really helped both of my children, each in their own way, to feel more at-ease with academic challenges that used to trigger fear and block their ability to learn. She helped them "re-value" themselves as confident, competent learners whose creative nature was celebrated in each tutoring session.

Emily Bracale

Sue's approach of honoring and valuing her students, uncovering their interests and talents, and encouraging them to find their authentic voice yields amazing results. Not only do these children learn to read, write and do math, they become interested, empowered, life-long learners.

Ann Bohrer

I knew Sue had turned my son's life around by raising his self-esteem with her complete confidence in him as well as building his academic strengths masterfully, but my heart really melted with gratitude when I heard him say to her (as he thought this might be the last time he would see her), "Thank you for teaching me how to read, write and do math." Sue identified his gifts, taught me how to see them, and taught him how to use his own genius to get things done, done well, and done with humor and joy. They laughed together a lot!

Bahia Yacksan


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Sue Haynes •suewhaynes@gmail.com